Especially the latest advancements in Generative AI, featuring solutions like ChatGPT and Midjourney, reignite the timeless debate surrounding AI’s potential versus its real-world application. While the potential for AI to generate value is undeniably substantial, Sequoia, the famous venture capital firm noted for its early investments in tech giants, raises a crucial point: the current challenge for generative AI lies not in finding use cases or demand but in proving its value. However, this challenge is by no means new to the field of AI. And the challenges is not to come up with exorbitant expectations, such as:

…your expectations for AI?


Revenue Impact?


More Customers?


Customer Churn?

To address the question of how and where AI can generate value for your organization, focusing on the following three AI topics can provide a structured approach to identifying potential areas for value creation.

3 Topics to Support your AI Objectives


Understanding of AI’s value creation potential and where to apply it in your organization?


Acceleration of your AI journey by avoiding the challenges of Value Creation?


Long term value creation that is aligned with business goals?

Identifying the three most critical areas where guidance and support are necessary is vital. These areas are pivotal in your AI journey. Gaining a thorough understanding of AI potential is essential for establishing realistic and ambitious objectives. Implementing AI effectively can expedite your progress, assisting you in overcoming the challenges associated with creating value through AI. Furthermore, formulating a comprehensive AI strategy is key to ensuring ongoing value generation within your organization.

AI’s true Value Creation Potential

AI’s real Business Potential

An understanding AI’s value creation capabilities is crucial for businesses to assess business opportunities, risks, and capabilities required to achieve that. Cutting through the hype is absolutely critical to align AI’s potential with the organization’s maturity and strategy to create value.

AI holds the potential to create value by enhancing processes, augmenting and automating decision-making, and developing products and services with its unique capabilities. However, each of those options also create risks, require the right AI capabilities, and investment.

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Accelerating your AI Journey

AI’s Value Challenges

Embarking on the journey towards AI value creation necessitates focusing on the correct domains, and successfully navigating through the myriad of challenges—both known and unknown—associated with AI value creation is crucial for any organization aiming to leverage this technology effectively. Even after overcoming these initial obstacles, integrating AI into the broader enterprise ecosystem often emerges as a significant challenge, necessitating a substantial learning curve to surmount.

The resolution to these integration challenges hinges on having the right blend of technological capabilities, data management practices, and skilled talent.

These challenges will manifest at various stages of your AI journey, each demanding an appropriate response. The most effective strategy to address these challenges is to maintain agility, preparing to preemptively respond to potential obstacles or adapt swiftly as they arise.

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AI Value Creation Strategy

AI Enterprise Integration

While numerous organizations have found success with specific AI use cases, many encounter difficulties in generating sustainable value, scaling AI initiatives across their enterprise, and fostering a culture that embraces AI. The key challenge lies in devising an actionable strategy that leverages the potential and capabilities of AI within an organization.

Furthermore, this effort necessitates a deep understanding of and connection to the business challenges an organization faces. It involves comprehending how AI can be utilized to create a competitive advantage.

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