Dr. Michael Proksch founded NEXIRO LLC, drawing inspiration from his forthcoming book on AI value creation, slated for release in early 2024. The book is a collective effort, featuring insights from Dr. Proksch, Nisha Paliwal (MVP of Capital One), and Dr. Wil Bielert (CIO of PremierTech), as well as contributions from leading industry experts. Together, they navigate the intricate landscape of unlocking value with transformative AI technology.

Despite the influx of new algorithms, expanded cloud computing capabilities, and access to vast data resources in the latest AI wave, only a handful of organizations have harnessed genuine business value from AI. The primary challenge often stems from the misconception that AI and data-driven decision-making represent an entirely unprecedented and exclusive domain, making past experiences irrelevant. In reality, this is far from the truth. Numerous AI Achievers have established proven methodologies and approaches for harnessing data and AI to create value, and these insights are readily shared.

Dr. Michael Proksch’s dedicated team is on a mission to help organizations answer critical questions: How can AI drive value for your business? What are the challenges in AI value creation, and how can they be overcome? What methodologies and capabilities are indispensable for the success of your AI initiatives?

AI has the potential to bring about profound transformations in our lives, provided we can embrace it without fear of redefining our own identities…

Dr. Michael Proksch

Michael is a distinguished Expert and Leader renowned for his guidance to Fortune 2000 companies. He specializes in creating global business value through Data and AI, offering innovative solutions. His diverse expertise and a record of successful projects have made him a highly sought-after speaker. Michael, an adjunct faculty in mathematics and business at renowned institutions such as Thunderbird School of Global Management and the University of Connecticut, also serves the University of Maryland Global Campus as Chief Scientist. His ability to collaborate across organizational levels to achieve performance goals is notable, and he excels at connecting AI Strategy with AI execution in alignment with Enterprise and Digital Strategy.