While consulting is transactional, project-centric, and focused on short-term problem-solving, we are focused on mentoring. Mentoring revolves around establishing lasting, supportive relationships between us and you as an individual or organization. It is a developmental approach, concentrating on the personal and organizational enablement and growth in the field of AI value creation. We as mentors share our experiences, failures, knowledge, and insights to help you navigate the real of AI value creation. We are interested in a long-term relationship, extending throughout your AI Journey.

Our Portfolio

Our workshops, mentoring programs, and AI strategy projects are meticulously designed to empower you and your organization to achieve sustainable AI value creation. While numerous AI product companies offer solutions for ecosystem integration, these tend to be piecemeal fixes, addressing one issue at a time. However, when a new business challenge arises, this approach necessitates additional software integration, resulting in increased investment and diminished value. In contrast, developing your own AI capabilities represents a unique opportunity for exponential growth in AI-driven value creation.

AI Executive Workshops

Many organizations we recognize as AI achievers today have embarked on their unique journeys, marked by both failures and successes. We celebrate them as achievers because they possessed the grit to overcome challenges and create value with this technology. Understanding both the known and unknown challenges is crucial to conquering them. The hurdles span across business, technology, psychology, analytics, and data, necessitating the guidance of adept mentors throughout this journey.

The aim of this executive workshop is to maximize value creation by imparting knowledge on navigating the next steps of your AI journey. This workshop is designed to equip participants with a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges in AI value creation. Additionally, it seeks to inspire executives to craft their organization’s unique AI path.

AI Value Creation Potential

Learn about the potential of AI for your organizational value creation

AI Value Creation Application

Ideate AI pilot use cases for your organization’s AI journey.

AI Journey Mentoring

The primary aim of our mentoring program is to offer guidance as you navigate your own AI journey. Successfully planning an AI journey requires a strategic understanding of the full spectrum of AI’s potential for value creation.

However, this is often challenging because the rapid pace of technological advancement means that knowledge becomes outdated within a two-year timeframe. Additionally, while it’s possible to anticipate future obstacles to a certain extent, the intricate nature of creating value can induce decision paralysis.

Another challenge lies in the unforeseen hurdles, the “unknown unknowns” of AI value creation. Incorrectly identifying the root problem or misattributing its cause can lead to stagnation by concentrating efforts on ineffective solutions. This issue isn’t confined to the early stages of an AI journey but persists at every milestone.

Agile Value Creation Approach

Flexible support on your individual AI journey.

Overcoming AI Journey Hurdles

Consideration of a holistic approach to value creation.

Accelerating your AI Journey

Avoidance and fast reaction to challenges will enable you to accelerate your AI journey.

Crafting an AI Strategy

Creating an executable AI strategy that aligns perfectly with your business goals requires a structured approach. An AI strategy brings substantial advantages, especially by providing focus and directing the implementation process towards generating value. 

The structured approach we use is a comprehensive five-phase model designed to build an executable AI strategy that is aligned with your overall business strategy. This model ensures that AI initiatives are not only conceived with a clear understanding of the organization’s current capabilities and readiness but are also closely aligned with the overarching business vision and objectives.

AI aligned Business Strategy

Building on top of your business strategy will ensure long-term AI value creation.

Executable AI Strategy

Aligning AI capabilities through AI value creation with AI focus and aspiration will ensure an achievable outcome.